The Mastersizer 2000 is an extremely popular particle sizing system, we sold more that 11,000 systems worldwide during its lifetime. However, the system is showing its age and will come to end of support in 2022. 

This end of support may provide you with both an opportunity and a challenge! The Mastersizer 3000 will provide you with increased dynamic range, faster measurements, greater flexibility, and a huge improvement in usability (software designed this century!!!). However, we understand that upgrading such a vital piece of equipment can cause concerns over transferring methods and specifications. In this webinar we will show you how we’ve taken what made the Mastersizer 2000 such a popular system and built this into the Mastersizer 3000. 

You’ll find a lot of familiar software capability plus features designed specifically to aid the method transfer process. We will then explore this method transfer process for a range of different samples and show how comparable results can be achieved on both systems.

More information

  •  Who should attend?

- Anyone who has recently upgraded to the Mastersizer 3000 and has Mastersizer 2000 methods to transfer

- Any Mastersizer 2000 users who are considering upgrading to the Mastersizer 2000

- Anyone with Mastersizer 2000 results interested in the method transfer process

  •  What will you learn?

- How the Mastersizer 3000 software will help you transfer methods from the Mastersizer 2000.

- To learn how comparable results can be achieved on the Mastersizer 2000 and Mastersizer 3000 for a range of different materials

- To get advice on how to transfer methods from older laser diffraction systems to the Mastersizer 3000.

18.30 - 19.30
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